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"I got accepted into Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth (CTY) program, so I've been studying Geometry for the past few weeks. There's been a lot that I haven't learned yet in school, so my parents hired this company to help me. Whenever I have a question, my tutor has always explained it fully. He's been great at helping me keep up with this fast paced program. I definitely think I'll have an A for my final grade, and I'll probably keep the same tutor for next year too."

- Diamante D.

"My daughter was falling behind in math and it was starting to take a toll on her focus in school until I found Dave. His professional approach has helped my daughter apply her new found understanding of math in school and has gotten her confidence back while raising her scores dramatically. She now enjoys math and is eager to show her family what she's learned, so if you're looking for the best LA math tutor, give Dave a try he is the best!"

- Marisol G.

"I believe this company has some of LA's most trusted private home tutors working here. Highly recommended!"

- Darryl D.

"Dave is one of many excellent tutors, and he is gifted at mathematics and music, among many other academic disciplines. But what is even more important than the deep subject matter expertise is his ability to fluidly move between conceptual explanations and detailed analysis. Meaning, he explains the most arcane mathematical formulations with the deft and ease of mere conversation. Highly recommended."

- Jared F.

"I've had other tutors in the past, but this company really provided me with the best math tutoring in Los Angeles."

- Kayla E.

"Great tutor that got me to an A that got my GPA to a 3.6"

- Jagger C.

"Our son has been working with David Jia of LA Math Tutoring for two years. David is an excellent tutor and has helped our 7th grader who is taking Algebra I go from a C to an A and has really helped him with his confidence in test taking."

- Dan H.

"Best tutoring in LA, helped me get through my finals, super personable, great results."

- Connor A.

"What I love about this tutoring agency is that I received personalized attention from professional and knowledgeable teachers, which helped me learn at my own pace."

- Jerald G.

"I took my daughter to LA Math Tutoring and Mr. Jia was great with helping her understand Algebra, and he was very patient in the process. She feels more than ready to take on her finals. Definitely recommend!"

- Ryan V.

"Wish I had heard about them sooner. They really helped me maintain my grades through school."

- Doug F.

"Been using David to tutor my daughter Cali after we found him on Yelp. Her grades have definitely improved since he’s been tutoring her. Would recommend David to everyone. Also great value for money, thanks Dave."

- Cavan C.

"I needed help for my math courses at IBEW-NECA to apply to an electrical school. Luckily I found this company and the teachers were amazing at teaching and explaining all the courses I needed. They were able to help explain complicated topics like logarithms"

- Eric A.

"By far the best tutoring I've ever received. I decided to take winter semester (5 weeks) and realized that I was falling behind. David was accommodating to my schedule. He was very patient with tutoring. Made sure that I understood everything before we moved to the next section. If you feel that you're falling behind, please contact David. He will make sure you pass! It's truly worth it!"

- Emily H.

"Very happy with the services that I received from Aaron. He explained the concepts to where my daughter understood and started to improve on her tests immediately. Thanks again."

- Aiyana D.

"LA Math Tutoring has provided my son with top-notch one-on-one tutoring in geometry.  Mr. Jia is passionate, knowledgeable, and patient and ensures full understanding of concepts.  He has motivated my son and given him the confidence he needs to succeed. I am an educator, and highly recommend this company to anyone wanting to get quality instruction and great results!"

- Kimberly M.

"David Jia is very patient and highly effective with my son, who is preparing for the ACT Exam.  He is teaching him new math concepts, while reviewing the science and reading portions.  Best of all, David is flexible and works around our busy schedules.  I would definitely hire him again."

- Tran B.


"I was introduced to Dave Jia through a mutual friend when I told her I was seeking a math tutor (specifically for the SATs). Dave and I began working with each other in the beginning of August. My weakness has always been math. I struggled to pass all my math classes in high school and I avoided taking them in community college. Now that I am applying to transfer to a four year university, I am required to take a math class along with the SATs. In the two months that Dave and I have worked together (twice a week, two hour sessions), I am shocked at the results. I am not only keeping up in my college math course, but I just received an A on my math midterm! I am learning so much from Dave. He is so knowledgeable and he makes his information accessible. He is also dependable, punctual, and a great communicator. Through his tutoring, I am gaining confidence in my abilities and my SAT practice scores are improving! Dave is worth EVERY PENNY."

- Melanie M.


"the tutoring was actually really enjoyable. my tutor made the topics really interesting, and I actually feel like I'm beginning to understand what's going on. plus, the lessons were fairly priced and easy to schedule"

- Anelena F.


"Always struggled with Math since elementary school. These guys are the reason I aced my pre-calc final!! Highly recommend!"

- Jarrod K.

"David is an excellent tutor. He has a lot of patience with children. He teaches very well and he is extremely punctual. My daughter is a 10th grader and is taking Algebra 2 honors right now and David has been helping her to do her best in class. Thank you David for all your help!"

- Azadeh Y.

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