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Terms and Conditions

Pricing and Billing 
LA Math Tutoring offers discounted rates for private tutoring services. All packages are prepaid and non-refundable. The hours you purchase are transferable to any family members or friends. Our discount packages are designed to encourage consistency and maximize the positive results of the tutoring sessions. The client agrees to authorize LA Math Tutoring to charge the balance IN FULL for the selected package to your payment method on file. The client shall not discuss payments directly with the tutor and shall not pay the tutor directly. All payments from the client must go to LA Math Tutoring. In addition, all client referrals must be directed to LA Math Tutoring before the tutor provides services to the referred client.

LA Math Tutoring enforces a strict 24-hour cancellation policy for all scheduled tutoring sessions. You must give your tutor 24 hours advance notice to cancel or reschedule a session. Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours before the tutoring session will be billed as if they had occurred. Additionally, you are responsible for arriving on time to your scheduled meetings (if not meeting at home); otherwise, your tutor’s wait time will be counted as part of the tutoring time.

Program Payment 
You must pay in full at the time of enrollment. If you have not paid in full by the first scheduled session, you authorize LA Math Tutoring to charge the course tuition to your payment method on file.

Lost Materials 
If you lose your program materials, replacement books will not be provided for free. You may either purchase a replacement book from a 3rd party or purchase the materials from LA Math Tutoring.

Tutoring Hours vs Sessions 
Please note that session lengths are variable; the number of hours you have purchased does not necessarily correspond to the number of sessions you will have. LA Math Tutoring does not refund unused tutoring hours. Each tutoring session must be a minimum of 1 hour; if the client chooses to end a session early, then the entire length of the session will be billed as if it had occurred. Sessions exceeding 1 hour will be billed at 15 minute increments.

Payment for Additional Tutoring Hours 
If you complete more tutoring hours than the number for which you enrolled, you authorize LA Math Tutoring to charge your payment method on file for the additional hours you have used at the non-discounted rate for your original course. Without limiting the foregoing, additional tutoring hours will not be eligible for any discount, promotion or rebate. Speak regularly with your tutor throughout the tutoring so you know how many hours you have completed.

Forfeiture of Tutoring Hours 
Any unused tutoring hours will be forfeited two years from the date of enrollment.

Adult Supervision 
Please note that LA Math Tutoring tutors are not permitted to meet in person with a minor student under the age of 18 in a private home unless a parent or guardian is present (on-site) during the entire session. If a tutor arrives for a session and an adult is not present, the tutor will not be able to conduct the session. The session will be considered to be cancelled by the student without adequate notice, and you will be charged as if it occurred. If the parent or guardian leaves in the middle of a session, the tutor will also leave at that time, and you will be charged for the entire session. If tutoring is taking place in a room, the door must remain open and unlocked at all times. Tutors may meet in person with minor students in public locations, such as a library or coffee shop, without another adult present only if LA Math Tutoring has received prior approval from the parent or guardian. Furthermore, tutors are not permitted to drive clients or students of any age in any type of vehicle. 

Tutor Satisfaction
We are committed to client satisfaction. If for any reason you are not happy with the tutor we have assigned to you, please contact LA Math Tutoring within 24 hours of the tutoring session, and we will assign a new tutor.

Arbitration + Class/Collective Action Waiver 
Any and all disputes arising from or related to this Agreement, other than disputes relating to intellectual property infringement, including whether the dispute is arbitrable and the scope of this arbitration agreement, shall be finally resolved by arbitration administered by a single arbitrator under the then-applicable rules of the American Arbitration Association in accordance the Federal Arbitration Act. The arbitration shall be governed by and construed by federal law to the fullest extent possible. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the arbitration shall take place in Los Angeles. Judgment on the arbitral award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, should you wish to initiate a legal action against LA Math Tutoring, you waive any right or ability to be a class or collective action representative or to otherwise participate in any putative or certified class, collective or multi-party action or proceeding based on such a claim in which LA Math Tutoring or a related entity is a party. The same applies to LA Math Tutoring’s legal actions against you. Thus, you and LA Math Tutoring agree that each may bring claims against the other only in your or its individual capacity and not as a plaintiff or class member in any purported class. Further, unless both you and LA Math Tutoring agree otherwise, the arbitrator may not consolidate more than one person’s claims and may not otherwise preside over a representative or class proceeding.

Limitation of Liability 
LA Math Tutoring will not be liable to you or to any other person for any indirect, consequential, punitive or special damages, of any character, whether in an action in contract, tort or otherwise, arising out of or in connection with your LA Math Tutoring program, even if LA Math Tutoring has been advised of the possibility of such damages. LA Math Tutoring's total aggregate liability arising from or related to your LA Math Tutoring program will not exceed the amount you paid for your program.

Affiliate Disclosure 

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

This Agreement supersedes all prior oral or written agreements, if any, between the parties and constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. The agreement cannot be changed or modified orally. Any change or modification must be in writing and agreed to by both parties. If any provision of this Agreement is found to be unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall be construed by limiting it to make it enforceable to the maximum extent permitted by law, and the remainder of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect.

Acceptance of These Terms and Conditions 
I understand that by purchasing any courses from LA Math Tutoring, I acknowledge that (1) I have read and that I agree to the enrollment terms and conditions, (2) I understand that LA Math Tutoring does not guarantee acceptance to any school or a passing score on any exam. Note that you must be 18 years of age or older to accept these terms and conditions. If you are less than 18 years of age, you must have a parent or guardian accept on your behalf. Purchasing any courses from LA Math Tutoring is a representation from you that you are at least 18 years of age.

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